The Professional Revolution is a lifestyle e-magazine for new-age professionals. The ProRev shines a light on the productive rebels who are blazing their own trails; the pierced doctors, intellectual politicians, dread-locked & natural-haired CEO’s, tattooed CFO’s, pink-haired pharmacists and hustling entrepreneurs.These are the individuals that define OUR generation. Despite the cookie-cutter society Baby Boomers and Generation X have tried to maintain, times have changed.
          Though we are expected to conform and struggle to survive, this publication helps to showcase the alternatives to submission and challenge our younger generations to OCCUPY YOUR MIND.
          In W.E.B. Dubois’ essay, The Talented Tenth, he wrote that social change would be accomplished through the prosperity of exceptional black men. He wrote that such men needed to come back to their communities and spread their newly acquired knowledge.  Our situation is so much bigger than black versus white or men versus women. For humanity to progress, we must ALL help each other.
          This revolution will be rooted in guidance not violence.  The ProRev is a platform for the unsung professional to speak your mind, promote your brand and share unconventional wisdoms. We must show the youth DRIVE is more important than the VEHICLE
                  PASSION overcomes POSITION
                                   MOTIVATION dictates MOBILITY
                             Knowledge make one unfit to be a slaveFrederick Douglass

**Logo courtesy of Jordan Harris of J_ographix**


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