When To Leave??

Funny how this relates to an event that has just occurred in my life…the dismissal of another lover. I had to call it quits I had too. I stayed around too long and hoping for something that just wasn’t going to come. There comes a time in every persons’ relationship where you really have to question….IS IT ME? Or IS IT YOU?
A lot of people seriously do not know when to leave the relationships they are in. They think that things will get better, things will change or Jesus will guide them….Well I’ll tell you one thing…yall are being blind to what Jesus is trying to tell you! He is giving you the signs but you just choose to ignore them because love is blind and people hate the breaking up single phase…your sad, lonely, bitter, don’t want to hurt their feelings. Whatever it may be YOU WILL GET OVER IT. There is ALWAYS someone else. ALWAYS! Once you really put your ish into prospective…measure your WORTH all this breaking up bs will be nothing. Cry all you want but has there been ONE TIME that you have left a relationship and NEVER EVER EVER found someone?! NO. Grow up life moves on.
Let’s think…

-Maybe you have (concrete) ideas that your significant other is cheating (or maybe you read some ish in their cell phone or on some social network that was just off the wall)
CHECK THEM…people hate to get caught up its embarrassing as hell…some people actually do get it together and never slip again but most of the time they give no shit and just learn to hide it better. LEAVE!

-Maybe your person is seemingly there for you in every aspect…but shows no emotion…rarely communicates…and just EXPECTS you to just KNOW…
YEAH…that shit is confusing as hell but hey are you just gonna go your whole relationship guessing how the other feels and talking to yourself? People think that expressing themselves makes them seem “vulnerable” or a “bitch”….mannn find someone who is grown about their shit….Emotions & Communication do NOT always = TEARS & BITCHING

-Maybe your tired of not going out in public with your significant other….you’ve never met their family or friends

YOU’RE THE SIDE JOINT…the jewelry that tarnishes…NOT WORTH IT IN THEIR EYES…who tf wants to get caught up? Not I…Just keep it moving. I mean that’s all I gotta say about that…it should be pretty clear

-Maybe you think you’re being used…whether it be for your money, sex, weed or whatever
TEST THEM…LMAO no bs though really test they ass. Invite them over…if yall are used to going out they may expect yall bout to go get it poppn…then JUST CHILL…and watch their attitude change. Aint shit wrong with watching old ass DVD’s on the couch and eating toast! Invite them over…ohhhh sorry I smoked my last j before you came and I’m too smacked to get more weed sorry boo….watch their attitude. Invite them over…ohhhh I’m too tired to fuck….lol if they leave….YOU LEAVE

There are plenty of other instances I can go into, but I hope some of yall don’t just start running from your relationships as soon as there is a bump in the road…I’m trying to speak on that roller coaster ride that you just can’t get off of. Just be mindful….and spare yourself of the hurt.


Tell me how you feel!!!

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